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Web Page Creation and Design


Creating links

There are three types of links:

Intrapage (bookmark) links, where you can bookmark a place on your page and link to it from another section on the page.

Intrasite (relative) links, where you link from one page on your web presentation to another page on the same site.

Intranet (absolute) links, where you link from one web presentation to another somewhere else in the Internet.

To create a intrasite link.

You will need either a text or a graphic to be used as an anchor for the link. Select the text, image or both then click on the Hyperlink icon on the standard toolbar. If you can’t find the icon, go to Insert then Hyperlink.

A new screen will be displayed. On it browse to the location of the desired file by going up or down the directory structure. When found, click on the file and the URL information will be updated automatically. If you look at the URL, this is the actual path the browser will take to find the file you are hyperlinking to. This is also called a relative URL because it is pointing to a place in the current server. The relative location for the Chipola main page, if you are in one of the subdirectories two levels down, would be ../../index.htm

To create a Intranet link.

Same as before but instead of browsing the directories you need to add the Absolute URL in the URL field. This is the actual address of the site. For instance if you want to link to Chipola’s main page you will add:

Because a relative URL is based on the source page’s URL, you can’t create a relative hyperlink until the page has been saved.

You can also create a link to a mail address by clicking on the e-mail icon next to the URL line. This will allow you to add a recipient’s e-mail address so when the user clicks on the link, an e-mail screen will appear.

To create an Intrapage link.

An intrapage link or a Bookmark is used to allow the user to jump from one place on your page to another one if the page is too long. Bookmarks are also used to send the user to a specific place on another page.

To create a link to a bookmark you will need to insert the bookmark anchor first. To do this, go to the section you want the link; click on insert on the standard toolbar and then click on Bookmark. If the name is not already in you can give it a name. Most of the time it will default to the name highlighted.




Once you have the bookmark, you can insert a link to it just like you did before, with the exception that instead of giving it an URL, you will pick from the Bookmark section.

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