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Web Page Creation and Design


Importing information from an existing document

You can either save the original document to HTML if you are using Word or WordPerfect, or you can copy and paste information from a document into your new page.

If you already have a web page that was created with Word, when you try to open it, it will open in Word. To open an existing page into FrontPage, right click on the file and select Open with FrontPage; after you do this once, you do not have to do it again for the same page.


When creating a document or inserting text from another document, FrontPage will try to format it. Normal returns are double-spaced on the screen. To create single space lines (line breaks) press Shift+Enter.

Some information such as addresses and name information look better if single spaced.


Inserting a Horizontal Line

Horizontal lines are used to create division between subjects on a page. They add organization and sometimes color to the page.

A regular horizontal line can be added by clicking Insert then Horizontal Line. You can change the size, width, height, color and position of the line by changing its properties.

You can also use an image called a ruler as a horizontal line. The rulers directory on wwwroot contains the graphical lines used on the Chipola’s Presentation. If you find a new ruler, please add it to this directory for everybody else to use.


Adding Headings to the Pages

There are 6 different sizes of headings that can be used on a browser, the lower the number the larger the letter. Use headings to emphasize information on your page.

Another way to organize groups of items is by using bulleted list and/or numbered list.

The formatting toolbar is the same as the formatting toolbar in Word. You can change the style of the text, the type and size of it. You can bold face it, center it, etc.

When formatting the text it is important to remember that not all the computers will have the same type of fonts. If you use a font on your page that is not compatible with most browsers it will display as courier even if it looks fine on your computer. The reason for this is that the font information goes in the HTML code and the browser that opens the page decodes it. If the opening computer does not have the font that the browser is looking for, it will default to regular courier text.

With the previous information in mind, if you wish to have a special heading in your page that is different than normal text, you may want to consider creating an image of the text and inserting the image on the top of your pages. When an image is used as a heading, you can be guaranteed that it will look the same no mater which browser is being used. Just remember to add the text alternative in case a user is downloading with no graphics.

Remember that in the Web world the users are used to been able to click on underlined words. Try not to underline regular text, for this confuses users thinking it should be a hyperlink.

You can indent whole paragraphs by selecting the paragraph and clicking on the increase indent icon on the formatting toolbar.


Setting Page Properties

Page properties are very important and most time overlooked when creating pages using an editor like Word or Expresion Web.

The page properties are where the Title of the page is given, and if no title is given it takes the name of the file name.

To add a title name to a file you can right click on the page and go to Page Properties. Then add the Title for the page. Remember the title in this case is not the heading on the page, but the name on the Blue line on the top of the Browser. This name is important when using search engines to find your page.

You can also add background sound, but this will only play on Internet Explorer. To get music playing on Netscape special code will need to be added to the HTML. If you are interested in adding music to your pages, call Ana Stephens at ext. 2231.


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October 26, 2011

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