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Web Page Creation and Design

Questions that will help you create a web page.


  1. What is a Web Page?    What is a Web Site?
  2. Why do we need a Web site for Chipola?
  3. What kind of information do we need to have in the site?
  4. Who is responsible for getting the information?
  5. Who has authorization to update the pages?
  6. How can I find things in the web site?  What is the Site Map?
  7. Why can't we use FrontPage anymore?
  8. Why do we use Expression Web 3?
  9. Can I use another software to create my pages?
  10. Why is consistency so important?
  11. If I want to write a page, how do I get started?
  12. Can I use a document that I already have in Word or WordPerfect, or do I have to retype it?
  13. How do I format my document?
  14. When I type, and press enter, Expression Web 3 double spaces my document.  How can I get it to single space?
  15. Why do I need to worry about the size of my page?
  16. Why does my page looks larger on some computers and smaller in others?
  17. Why should I set the Page Title?  What is the difference between a Page Title and a Page Heading?
  18. How can I create a table?  How can I make the table where it will not show the lines (transparent)?
  19. What purpose do Horizontal Lines have?  Where can I find some?
  20. Why shouldn't I underline words?  What can I do to create emphasis?
  21. Why and when should I have a Last Date updated field? 
  22. What is the average length of a page?  Why should the page be broken down into sections?
  23. I spend hours looking for the especial font.  Why will the font not look the same in other computers?
  24. Why shouldn't I use ALL CAPS in my page?
  25. How do I add a Background image? 
  26. What is a Watermark?
  27. What is the difference between *.jpg, *.gif, and *.bmp?
  28. Where can I get backgrounds or images?
  29. How do I add images to my page?
  30. What if I have a new background or image that is not on the current site?
  31. Why should I worry about what I name my images?
  32. Where are the Chipola names and logos?
  33. What software can I use to resize, change or create an effect on an image?
  34. What is IrfanView,  XnView?
  35. I have re-sized the image inside my page, but it is still taking too long to load; Why?
  36. How can I make the background of an image transparent?
  37. What is an Alternative Text on an image, and why is it so important?
  38. When should I use an absolute position on a picture?  Why is it best not to use it?
  39. What are Thumbnails?
  40. What are links?  What is the difference between a Relative link and an Absolute link?
  41. Why do I need to have a link in my page to the main site, or at least to the site map?
  42. What is an Intra Page link or Bookmark?    How do I set a Bookmark and how do I link to it?
  43. How can I create a Form?  What is the best way to collect information from a Form?
  44. What are Frames, and when should I use them?
  45. Can I use counters in my pages?
  46. Can I create a Bulleting Board type page? 
  47. Should I have to worry about copyright issues even if the page is for the College?
  48. I want music on my page, how can I add it?
  49. I want to update a page that is on the web, but not in my computer, how can I save it on my computer? 
  50. What do you mean with save only HTML when using Internet Explorer?
  51. How can I save an image I found on the Internet to use in my pages?
  52. Why should I avoid spaces when naming my files and directories?
  53. How can I create an Image Map?
  54. Why do I need to test my page in Netscape or Firefox and Internet Explorer?
  55. What is a PDF file?
  56. How can I create a PDF file?
  57. What are Java scripts?
  58. Where can I get a java script?
  59. What are Search Engines, and what do they have to do with META tags?
  60. How  do I test my page before making it go live?
  61. Now that my page is finished, how do I put it on the Internet?
  62. How can I see if my page is being liked to another page before I delete it?

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