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Student Disability Resource Office

Registering for Services

Chipola College is committed to assisting those students with disabilities in receiving the necessary accommodations that would allow them to pursue an education effectively.  To receive accommodations at Chipola , a student should follow the necessary steps.

  1. Apply to Chipola College through the Admissions Office.
  2. Contact the Student Disability Resource Office (SDRO) either by phone or in person and speak with the student with disabilities advisor about your specific disability.
  3. Provide documentation of your disability and request what accommodations would be necessary.
  4. Make an appointment with the advisor for students with disabilities to discuss your program of study and register for classes.
  5. Pick up your accommodation form prior to the beginning of classes, and inform your instructor of your disability and what accommodations you have been approved for.


Last Updated August 25, 2014

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