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Fine and Performing Arts

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Music- Jazz


Students are encouraged to take private lessons in any of the standard woodwind and brass instruments. While the majority of Chipola students have had previous playing experience, beginners are able, with permission of the instructor, to study as well. Music majors with their primary performing areas of percussion and strings may be advised to take lessons through the "co-op program"* with Florida State University, pending their ability level and availability of instructor.

The primary instrumental group of the Fine and Performing Arts Department is the Rock and Jazz Ensemble. This organization performs a wide variety of jazz, pop, rock, and swing styles. Standard instrumentation for the group is saxophone, trumpet, trombone, keyboard, drums, bass, guitar, and vibraphone. Other instruments are added occasionally. Members of the group learn how to improvise and develop a keen sense of jazz/rock articulation and styling.

*Chipola College is pleased to have entered into a co-op agreement with Florida State University. By virtue of this agreement, students at Chipola College are able to take courses at Florida State University in accordance with state guidelines and procedures.

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