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Music notes Chipola College offers a wide variety of singing experiences, no matter what the student's goals might be. Offerings range from professional voice instruction to serious choral study and the fun of an excellent show choir.

Music majors may pursue voice study as a principal or secondary instrument performing a wide variety of literature. Non-majors may also study for enrichment. Many students also choose to continue their vocal studies in one of the college's choral ensembles.

Ensembles include Chamber Chorus and Show Choir. Chorus opportunities include Madrigal Dinners in addition to appearances on campus and in the community. The Chipola Show Choir presents an exciting stage show with popular music set to energetic choreography.





Whether a student is an interested beginner, a musical grandmother returning to school for the first time, or the potential virtuoso the world awaits, Chipola can offer the musical experience of a lifetime. Whether a student is more comfortable in a group learning environment or in an individual private lesson, Chipola helps establish realistic, challenging goals for piano study. Piano

Courses for pianists include the following:

Applied Piano for Keyboard Majors and Minors
Preparatory Piano (open to potential keyboard majors and minors, by audition only)
Class piano (open to all interested beginners)
Keyboard Theory 

Music Skills for beginners
Fundamentals of Music for beginners

Opportunities for elementary and high school students include the following:

Music through Performance seminars
Recitals in supportive setting


Applied organ is available only to piano principals with permission from their applied instructor and the Department.


Chipola College offers a wide range of opportunities for students interested in studying guitar:

MVS 1116, Beginning Class Guitar
MVS 1116, “Beginning Class Guitar” is open to all beginners and is directed towards those students wishing to develop the basic skills necessary to play popular style guitar. No previous musical experience is necessary. Students will learn basic chord and strumming patterns culminating in the ability to play folk-style accompaniment to their favorite songs. Students who wish to pursue more instruction beyond beginning class guitar are strongly encouraged to speak with the guitar instructor about signing up for Applied Guitar for non-Majors.

MVS 2126, Advanced Class Guitar
Advanced Class Guitar serves to give guitar students experience playing in various ensemble arrangements. Enrollment in MVS 2126 requires approval of the guitar instructor. Working in duos, trios, quartets and quintets, students will gain exposure to major works in the guitar chamber music repertoire. Ensembles will be coached by Fine Arts faculty and will perform regularly for the public. To be considered for MVS 2126, students must be enrolled in individual guitar lessons with the guitar instructor, be able to read standard musical notation for the guitar and must have a foundation in classical guitar technique. Students with no previous experience in classical guitar who are interested in participating in the guitar ensemble in the future are strongly encouraged to speak with the guitar instructor about signing up for individual lessons at the preparatory level.

Applied Guitar for guitar majors and minors
Students with a major or minor in guitar at Chipola College are required to take a one hour, individual lesson in classical guitar each week with the guitar instructor. Lessons will focus on the development of a solid technical foundation and the consistent maturation of the student’s interpretive skills. Upon enrollment, students will either be placed at the college or preparatory level depending on their abilities.

Applied guitar for non-Majors
Applied guitar for non-Majors is open to all students at Chipola College regardless of musical experience. Enrollment in applied guitar for non-Majors is on a space available basis and is subject to approval by the department director and the guitar instructor. Students enrolled in applied guitar for non-majors will receive a half hour lesson in classical guitar every week and will work towards the ability to perform works from the student repertoire by the end of their first semester.



Students are encouraged to take private lessons in any of the standard woodwind and brass instruments. While the majority of Chipola students have had previous playing experience, beginners are able, with permission of the instructor, to study as well. Music majors with their primary performing area being percussion, strings, or guitar may be advised to take lessons through the "co-op program"* with Florida State University.

The primary instrumental group of the Fine and Performing Arts Department is Rock and Jazz Ensemble. This organization performs a wide variety of jazz, pop, rock, and swing styles. Standard instrumentation for the group is saxophone, trumpet, trombone, keyboard, drum, bass, guitar, and vibraphone. Other instruments are added occasionally. Members of the group learn how to improvise and develop a keen sense of jazz/rock articulation and styling.

*Chipola College is pleased to have entered into a co-op agreement with Florida State University. By virtue of this agreement, students at Chipola College are able to take courses at Florida State University in accordance with state guidelines and procedures.

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