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Teacher Education

Chipola College offers Bachelor of Science degree programs in secondary mathematics, middle school mathematics, middle school science, biology, elementary education or exceptional student education.

Teacher Education Pictures

TE - Chef of the Week TE - Cookie
TE - Reading TE - Drunk Glasses

In the pictures you will find a picture of Janie Nolen and Susan (Sue-Sue) Miller; Mrs. Theresa Long and her Chef of the Week, Riley; a finished firetruck; and a picture of a 3214 student during the summer session of 2011.


Mrs. Long came to class and demonstrated how her "Chef of the Week" is integrated into her reading lesson each week along with art and music.  I can contact Riley's mother and also Mrs. Long in case you wish to use that picture.  The finished firetruck is the end product after Riley gave instructions to the class on how to make a firetruck.  The firetruck was a culminating art activity at the end of Fire Safety Week.  Ms. Long's class had read stories and had completed activities concerning fire safety.


Ms. Sue Ingram and Ms. Nell Roberts came during the summer 2012.  They involved members of the class demonstrating how they would feel drunk by using the "drunk glasses" and at the same time diapering a baby.  I am not positive, but I believe the name of the student of 3214 is Kacy Miles. 


Sue-Sue and Janie demonstrated how they integrate drama and art into their reading lessons.  Sue-Sue and Janie have presented at the International Reading Conference and have also produced a book of their favorite reading stories integrating cooking into each lesson.  They were the first teachers at Golson to introduce cooking as an art.     


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