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Public Service
There are eligibility requirements for entry into a basic corrections program. Please follow the Assessment Center link to the left for more information.

Basic Corrections classes are open enrollment. Once a prospective student has completed all entry requirements, he/she will be accepted into class. The next class will start mid February 2014.  Class time is 7:30 am - 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Corrections Basic Recruit Training Program

 Students must complete the following courses consisting of a total of 420 hours:

CJK0300 Introduction to Corrections
CJK0305 Communications
CJK0310 Officer Safety
CJK0315 Facility and Equipment
CJK0320 Intake and Release
CJK0325 Supervising in a Correctional Facility
CJK0330 Supervising Special Populations
CJK0335 Responding to Incidents and Emergencies
CJK0031 First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers
CJK0040 Firearms
CJK0051 Defensive Tactics
CJK0340 Officer Wellness and Physical Abilities

Crossover from Law Enforcement to Corrections

Students must complete the following courses, for a total of 156 hours:
Facility and Equipment
CJK0325 Supervising in a Correctional Facility
CJK0350 Law Enforcement Cross-Over to Correctional Introduction and Legal
CJK0351 Law Enforcement Cross-Over
CJK0352 Law Enforcement Cross-Over to Correctional Officer Safety
CJK0353 Special Populations
CJK0354 Law Enforcement Cross-Over to Correctional Officer Wellness
CJK0392 Cross-Over Handgun Transition Course
CJK0393 Cross-Over Program Updates
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